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Birthday Project 2012: 4UTV

Yuya’s 22nd birthday is coming up and what better way than to leave a birthday message for him and to let him know he has international fans? Inspired by YGLadies’ iBlackjack TV, the video will be similar but of course, with a Yuya flair to it!


You don’t need to do any video editing or add a fancy intro as I will piece the final video together and include all those. The video will have everyone saying “Hi, my name is ____ and I’m from ______” and “Happy Birthday Yuya!” Are you interested in participating? Here are the guidelines for making the video:

Each video should be no more than 2 minutes long if you’re by yourself; 4 minutes if there’s more than one person and should include the following:
1. All videos MUST begin with “Hi, my name is _____ and I’m from _____!”
2. Say a birthday message for him
3. Beyond that, you may go on and say how he inspires you, what you like about his music, etc. or sing, dance whatever you wish just make it appropriate.
4. At the end of your video, say “Happy Birthday Yuya!” while doing the U sign as seen here

5. Feel free to speak in your own language but provide English translations in the post; if there’s time, I’ll find others to help sub the video to Japanese.
6. Remember, the sky’s the limit so be creative and fun!

Videos must be submitted no later than May 8th 11:59pm PST

Once the video is submitted, I may cut/alter your video to fit the project, as everything will be compiled into one video and posted on YouTube for U_Staff and Yuya to see.

Submit the video here and provide the following in the post:
Location: (Where you are from?)
Video Link: (Videos must be in AVI, MOV or MPEG format. If you can’t get it in this format, I’ll convert the video for you. www.mediafire.com, 4shared.com or other upload service is preferred. The higher/better the video quality the better. If you have a YouTube account, you can upload on there and make it unlisted so only those with the link can view it. Put the link here and I’ll download it from there.)

Other options
A video message is preferred but if you’re too shy to make a video or don’t have the equipment, there are several options available.
1. Take a picture of yourself doing the U sign (no nudity, make it appropriate) and provide audio saying your birthday message. If you wish to not speak as well, provide the message in the email (see address below).
2. Create a scrapbook-like page and/or fan art, providing your message.
You may create it traditionally as long as it’s scanned in 200 to 300 dpi or a high resolution photo of it. You can create it digitally by using Photoshop or whatever program you wish to use as well. If you create it in Photoshop, email the PSD file.
The dimensions should be 8 1/2” x 11” or A4 size landscape or portrait (horizontally or vertically)

Email the photo or scrapbook page to yuyafanclub03@gmail.com and provide the following in the email:
Location: (Where you are from?)

Just like the videos, submit these
no later than May 8th 11:59pm PST

Have fun with this and if you have any questions please let me know! And please check out the Yuya Matsushita International Fan Club forum and tumblog!We just started our tumblog, so be patient for uploads! Thanks!



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